Great Bear Documentation

Welcome to Great Bear - the simple and efficient SaaS-based application for managing operations and modern application capabilities at the edge.

Great Bear simplifies the deployment and operation of next-generation data-heavy and AI applications at-the-edge for developers and IT users, supporting them with intuitive SDKs and ready-to-use apps.

We bring the experience of the cloud for users and developers to on-prem apps - and offer this experience as a service. Great Bear extends the flexibility, easiness (serverless, automation, observability) and rich ecosystem (AppStores) of the cloud to applications that need to be partly or fully deployed on-premise for performance, survivability, legal or policy reasons. Overall, our design goals include:

Large-scale deployment - with Great Bear you can roll out applications, real-time updates, and security policies across thousands of sites in a simple, automated way.

Optimized workload placement - Great Bear can optimally deploy your computation-heavy tasks in constrained environments​ that have limited compute power, RAM, and storage, in a way that can comply with location-related policies (for example, GDPR).​

SLO and cost optimization of ​data processing and storage - Great Bear can balance your requirements with cost through SLO-driven deployment​.

Heterogenous device support - Great Bear supports a great variety of x86 and ARM-based devices suitable for small to large, enterprise-grade deployments (Intersight).

Loosely coupled,​ autonomous edges - the declarative, federated model of Great Bear combines resiliency with scalability. Your sites continue to operate when the WAN connectivity is lost.​

The following sections show you the most important aspects of using Great Bear.