Managing Application Deployments

The Great Bear dashboard allows you to manage your applications:

The applications range from simple applications that use only the resources of a single node to complex, resource-heavy applications that run on multiple nodes of the site. However, Great Bear takes care of the resource management of the site, as long as there are enough resources to run the deployed applications.

App status

The status of a deployed app is one of the following:

Icon Message Description Code
No status received The application deployment intent has been registered, but no status is yet received. Wait for the application to be fully deployed and operational. NO_STATUS
Running Application deployment is properly running. RUNNING
Application deployment is initializing An operation is currently being performed on the application deployment. Wait until it’s finished. IN_PROGRESS
Application deployment reports problems Application deployment reports problems. Check its configuration and redeploy the app. ERROR
Application deployment failed Application wasn’t deployed. Check its configuration and redeploy the app. FAILED
Lost contact with application deployment Check the network configuration of the app. DORMANT