Deploy new application

To deploy a new application to one or more of your sites, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the Great Bear dashboard, then select Application Store. Application Store Application Store

  2. Find the application you want to deploy in the Application Store (for example, Edge MQTT), then select Details.

  3. Check the description and the Site requirements of the application: you can deploy the application only on sites that meet its requirements.

  4. If there are multiple versions available of the application, select the version you want to deploy. Usually, it is recommended to deploy the latest version.

  5. Select Deploy.

  6. Select the sites where you want to deploy the application, then select Params. If you have multiple sites, you can select to deploy the application to All sites, or to specific countries.

  7. Set the application-specific parameters of the deployment. For details, see the documentation of the application. For the documentation of the reference applications, see Usecases.

  8. Select Deploy.

    Great Bear deploys the application on the site, and adds the application to the list of Deployed Apps on the site.

Note: If you want to deploy the latest version of an application on a single site, you can select the site on the Great Bear UI, then select Deploy App from the sidebar. Site Sidebar