Redeploy application

Redeploying an application stops every instance of the application that is running on a site, deletes the application from the site, then deploys the application using its current configuration. To redeploy an application on a site, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the Great Bear dashboard, then select Sites.

  2. Find the site where you want to redeploy the application, then select the name of the application.

    App details page

  3. Select Redeploy. If the version of the application that was originally deployed to the site is not available anymore (for example, because it has been revoked), a warning message is displayed.


    Hazard of data loss! Any data that the application stores only locally in the memory of the node is irrecoverably lost.

  4. If the application has any parameters that can be configured for the deployment, set the parameters as needed. For details, see the documentation of the application you are deploying. For the documentation of the reference applications, see Usecases.

  5. Select Apply.