Add node to site

If you have nodes registered in Great Bear that are not assigned to any site, you must add them to a site before Great Bear starts using them. To add a node to a site, complete the following steps.



  1. Open the Great Bear dashboard, then select Sites.

  2. Select the site you want to add the node to in the list of sites, then select Manage Nodes. The nodes assigned to the site and the free nodes (node that do not belong to any of the sites) are displayed. Manage nodes Manage nodes

  3. Select the free nodes you want to add to the site. (If you have nodes that are not registered in Great Bear yet, select New Node to register a node).

    Note: The nodes of a site must be able to reach each other via the default route.

  4. Select Apply.

  5. After a short time, the new nodes appear in the Assigned Nodes list of the site.