Configure site

To change the metadata of an existing site, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the Great Bear dashboard, then select Sites.

  2. Select the site you want to modify. Alternatively, you can select the site in the map view.

  3. Select Edit Config.

    Configure site
  4. Set the NAME and the DESCRIPTION of the site to suit your environment.

    Configure site
  5. If appropriate, add relevant TAGS to the site.

  6. Set the LOCATION of the site. Some suggestions are shown and based on the location you choose, the LATITUDE and LONGITUDE coordinates are added automatically. You can also provide a custom location name and/or set specific latitude and longitude coordinates.

  7. Enable Collect site metrics to collect performance and troubleshooting data about the site. For details on accessing the collected metrics, see Observing Great Bear.

  8. Select Apply to save your changes.