Update a Published Application Package

To publish a new version of a Great Bear application, complete the steps that apply to your situation from following steps. Depending on what you have changed in your application (for example, the image, or only the chart), not every step is mandatory. However, at a minimum, you have to update the Great Bear Application Package and publish a new version to the Great Bear Application Store.

  1. If you have updated the image of the application, upload it to the image repository accessible by Great Bear. For details, see Build and Upload the Application Container Image.
  2. If you have updated the application image or any Great Bear Application Package files (for example, Chart.yaml, templates, values.yaml, gbear/appmetadata.yaml)
    • If you have updated the application image, edit the values.yaml file of the correlating chart and update the image.tag field to the new image version.
    • Update the version field of the root Chart.yaml to a new version.
    • Use the packaging SDK tool to publish the new Great Bear Application Package version. For details, see Publish the Great Bear Application Package.