Node Errors

The following tips and commands can help you to troubleshoot problems with your Great Bear nodes.

  1. Check the status of the site and the status of the node. If the node is in the ERROR state, try rebooting the node.

  2. Make sure that the node is connected to the Internet.

    The node must be able to access the Internet on TCP port 443.

  3. Make sure the node is bootstrapped and runs without errors. To display the Great Bear agent logs of the node, open a terminal on the node, run the following command, and check the output for errors:

    sudo journalctl -fu agent
  4. For a more verbose output, you can modify the log level. This and other variables are set in the environment file for the agent:


    In this file amend the line:




    And then restart the agent:

    sudo systemctl restart agent

If these steps do not help resolve your issue, then please contact the Great Bear administrator of your organization, or the Great Bear Support Team.