ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent

The ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent provides visibility from within your data centers, cloud VPCs/VNETs and branches. The application runs a variety of layered monitoring tests, in order to gain insight into your network and application performance, and sends this information to the ThousandEyes platform. In addition to active monitoring, Enterprise Agents also offer SNMP-based monitoring, as well as discovery and topological mapping of internal network devices.

ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent - Enterprise Agent Path Visualization ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent - Enterprise Agent Path Visualization

This enables users to correlate visibility across multiple layers from the application, network, device and Internet routing for greater context around application performance. Including:

  1. Network Path and Performance - ThousandEyes Path Visualization maps end-to-end network paths from Enterprise Agents to service endpoints across any network, including SD-WAN overlay/underlay tunnels, and visually presents BGP routes.

  2. Application Performance - Monitor the usability and performance of SaaS and internally hosted apps by measuring page load times of individual web components or by using scripted multistep transactions that replicate user interactions and validate API logic.

  3. Device Health - Poll switches, routers and firewalls using SNMP to collect device health data, such as memory, CPU and performance impacting interface metrics.